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Archetype – classes

Welcome! In Age of Conan there are 12 classes, basically, there are four “Archetypes”: Priest, Soldier, Mage and Rogue and each archetype contains 3 classes.

Priest Archetype

Priest archetypes are healer classes. Healers are supporting allies and this is their main job. Of course they can also raise dead party members and support with all kind of buffs.

Tempest of Set – These followers of Set are renowned for the obliteration and ruin that follows in their wake, but like other priests, they have the power to heal.

Bear Shaman – Basically they support allies with their strength or adrenaline surges and use powerful spirit totems that heal and counter-attack enemy blows. They are vulnerable to all kind of attacks, but they are really helpful in the party. Age of Conan gold farming is always better when someone like Bear Shaman cover your back.

Priest of Mitra – They can aid as healers and even bring the dead to life.

Soldier Archetype

All soldier class are designed as tank classes. They are created to take all attacks on themselves, they protect other guys in your party and supports other classes by special skills.

Dark Templar – DT combine heavy armor and blood-thirsty magic with an all consuming desire for triumph. He can drain life from his foes.

Guardian – Guardians are the most heavily armored in Hyboria. Guardian is total “tank”, his attacks are really weak, but his armor is fantastic. Only this class can use full plate armor. It’s really hard to scratch Guardian, but in the other hand Guardians have very low damage capabilities.

Conqueror – Conquerors are a heavy sword wielding fusion of heavy armor and battlefield command, individuals rising from the ranks of Aquilonian generals and barbarous Cimmerian. They are good to take all hits and they are also good in offense.

Mage Archetype

They are designed as dps classes.

Necromancer – Necromancer summon and command the undead. Their ghoulish minions are capable of tearing enemies apart or casting their own death magic. It’s good to be Necromancer :-)

Demonologist – The mightiest of sorcerers, wielding the power of hell and earth and capable of conjuring pillars of flame or titanic storms of electricity. Probably most offensive ranged class.

Herald of Xotli – Basically they are hybrids of the mage and soldier archetypes who wield alien spells and two handed weapons, making them a potent enemy on the battlefield. They are very offensive, with assassins, they’ve got very melee attacks.

Rogue Archetype

They are designed to deal massive amount of damage, but in the other hand they are really vulnerable to any kinds of attacks.

Ranger – Rangers are the finest marksmen in Hyboria, capable of stalking an enemy and delivering devastating shots with pinpoint accuracy.

Barbarian – Barbarian combat style focuses on strength, aggression, and relentless assault. They are more balanced then Assassins and deal less damage, but in other hand they are better armored.

Assassin – They are possessing powerful combos, the ability to dual-wield and slip past enemies unseen. Assassins are most dangerous DPS in Age of Conan, they have really powerful attacks, but in other hand they are very vulnerable.


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