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Age of Conan-Bestiary

On official site you can find information about few monsters from game, list of monsters is short and i think in finished game will be about 8 times more monsters.

After analizing of this list i can say that part you may saw in movie and all rest is from books. In movie we saw common type enemy like wolf, savage cannibals and also gigantic pythons like in Conan The Barbarian . In game are werewolfs, giant – tarantula or worms – Yakhma more exotic are deamons –  lizard with wings – Vistrix, Dark Beasts, Grol and Frostcrawlers.

All enemy’s are ok but i want more from enemy’s – Sabre tooth or Hyena is not interesting creature to fight, where are winged deamons or dragons?orc maybe?Specter Chieftains ….?what is that…? They must create something new, something more then what we see in World of Warcraft.


(Vistrix, lizard – deamon)

Well I hope Funcom will add a lot of powerful mobs to fight! Not only weak and silly lesser enemies but also huge and deadly creatures (just like raid boss from World of Warcraft – do you remember them? Onyxia or other terrible enemy?) I know from Conan book a lot of vicious creatures and I think if their read them, they will add large part of Conan’s beastiary to Age of Conan…

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