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It’s not just another blog – it’s blog about CONAN THE BARBARIAN!

Did you know..?

that for beta- testing of Age of Conan one hundred thousand players, subscribed as a beta testers.. after few day..

I heard also that in game will be possible to create – military forces from NPC!If you’ve got enough money you can create on army ( without tank and planes – im sorry )!Im little worried how my personal computer will create that kind of graphics effects – that ive seen on pics on official site..

i think i need new one, in the near future, ive got 1 year old, grampy – problem is one – money…

anyway ive read about fighting system – revolutionary “Real Combat” and if they wrote true..i just cant wait to play!For the first time character will be under total control during combat, no more click and your character is slashing your enemy – no problem…now you can string your bow to shot or if you want something else – cut him to pieces – now fighting will be like in classics – beat’em up!

How will be casting spell mage?i dont know…but i think this  system will be enough smart to resolve properly.


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