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Age of Conan News: Siege

Siege battles will completely new type of struggle. In Age of Conan players will be able to built strongholds and castles, of course if players are in guild. If you want keep for your quarter, you need money and as a guild master you will tax ( ….) any player for this purpose. After you collect enough gold for this, you will be able to construct your guild’s home.

And thats not all. If your keep will be constructed, now you can built special buildings in keep, blacksmith, healer or stables for your traveling speed upgrade. From keep, all players in guild will receive special bonuses…But…

Now any other guild can destroy your home, so watch out. Prepare your defenses carefully. Of course you can also attack, keep – if you succeeded- you will receive special points ( i don’t know what for i just read that special points are valuable…;-P).


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