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Fankit and super – females

If you want around 90 MB of official promotional materials, check official site for free fankit. Producers delivered, very nice concept arts (artistic vision is fantastic ), some music themes from Age of Conan ( main theme is great), screenshots, wallpapers, logos and other interesting things. If you are planning to create your fan site this materials will be helpful. Read before you do that, license agreement – you must provide link to Anyway one more thing

Female, females, females in Robert E. Howard -brutal and barbaric – world. You think women is weak sex?they just lay all day and do nothing specific?NO!In Howard’s world every women can fight like man, so if you are going anyway where women is – look out. She can stab you from behind or cut your throat. In face to face combat she can defeat you without problems. Producers also added above 2000 of females moves to create very realistic picture of women. Every armor and cloths are created specially for women > now they will be sexy and ahh :P you know..i just can’t wait to see ..

check official > in category screenshot > some pics with females.. bye bye cya

Check this great blog about Conan > htt://  this video – Conan Philosopher is gorgeous!


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