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Dark Templar class in interwiev with Jørgen Tharaldsen


Hi, on you can find new interview with one from Funcom crew, about Dark Templar class. This long and interesting article is starting new series of interviews with Age of Conan producers about game and classes. Interesting stuff here anyway. Dark Templar class is basically warrior tank with special dark magic powers. He can fight as a tank, in front line and fight very efficient without any help party, its depending how hard fight is but generally he can fight alone and drain life using his abilities or very dangerous spells. His value is high because healers can focus on other tank in party.

His specialty is combat with single handed weapons like swords or blunt weapons but he can also take shield or magical talisman or orb or anything else and fight very efficient. Dark Templar have special and his unique combos ( every class have his own anyway), but his will be interesting as a mix of dark powers and deadly attacks. About PVP i can say that his frenzy ability and all spells and powers make him very valuable character to play against different player.

If you wish to read all interview go here


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