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Age of Conan developer blog is back!

It’s good to know that developer blog is back!  It’s been some time since Age of Conan had an active developer blog. If I remember corectly developer blog was “out of order” since launch day back in May 2008. In all fairness, FunCom has been a little busy with bug fixing, balancing, content throughput and some fairly massive overhauls of game systems.

For the first post of the newly resurrected dev blog, FunCom’s Glen “Famine” Swan sticks with discussing the newest update and touches on the itemization overhaul coming up next.In the future they should talk about their mistakes and how they resolved them. As a gamer I would like to know better situation :-) and that kind of stuff.

Anyway check out this video > this is so priceless  :D

See you again on Age of Conan Blog


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