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10 things basics about Maple Story

1. Maple Story is great MMORPG which is Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

2. In Maple Story you pick one from several class: Magician, a Bowman, a Thief, or a Warrior.

3. Maple is FREE. Just download and you can discover it. Maple Story is waiting for you :-)

4. Game has….50 millions players worldwide! It’s total record. Half of that number are Chinese players.

5. Maple has special money, called Mesos. Mesos can be obtain from Quests, monsters and such things.

6. You can speak and interact with any other online player in the mini world. I think it’s Maple Story soul. Players.

7. Remember to take break from time to time, online games can be really addictive….

8. Nexon and MTV, the creators of Maple Story, will create a premium version of MTV’s Neopets online youth community, where users can buy virtual items for in-game personalization and customization of character avatar.

9. Well if you want to play in Maple expect to spend over hundred hours killing enemies, looking like mushrooms and one called Jellies. Well it’s boring. Very boring.

10. Maple Story is a side scrolling 2D role playing game (remember these old games from 90’s? 2D rulez back then).


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