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Altis? What is that?

No, no! Today I’m talking about free online strategy games like Altis Gates. It’s very cool free to play; two-and-half dimensional fantasy MMORPG. It is set in an old universe of European legends and myths. The plots are set in the area of Altis, a world that takes design cues from European classical architecture, with a modern twist.

What is unique in this online strategy game, you can obtain a pet. When you first log into the game universe you will get a pet egg. This egg will hatch to become your very first pet. Starting pets can be a Mushroom, Slashworm or Jack Rabbit. As your first pet, its amity toward you is set at 2 Big Hearts from the time it hatches. This means that it can learn magic spells and abilities right from the beginning.
The other eating stuff can be used in combat. The effects of food of the same genre do not stack but the effects of foods of different types can stack.

The Shop system ( often used in online strategy games )gives players Level 45 and above to construct a stores through a certain NPC and then do business conveniently. After manufacturing a shop, you can put your stuff up for sale. When you have a place where to sell, you will no longer need to set up a stall and stay in one spot to get rid of your materials.


In Altis Gates there are 2 main Class families, and three possible generic Upgrades each for a sum of 14 Classes (2 Classes, 12 Subclasses) in all.


Due to small power their defenses, aspiring Mages would be wise to travel with a melee-based companion. Mages can advance to become a Black Mage or White Mage, and become even more powerful to become a Priest, Shaman, Wizard, or Cleric.

Warriors serve as the current attack component of any formation. Warriors can evolve to turn into a Combatant or Gladiator and boost up further to become a Mechanic, Swordsman, Gunner, or Berserker.

Groups of players can use formations to boost up their effectiveness during the battle and online strategy games. There are four types of formations: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. In every formation, players will enjoy an enhancement or suffer a reduction effect depending what position they use within the formation. These effects are only applicable to players.
There are fifteen types of restorable eatable stuff available in this online strategy game, that cannot be used during the struggle: Spicy Buffalo Wings, Shitake Mushroom Soup, Insect Egg Sauce, Baked Potato, Mixed Seafood, Spicy Lobster Tail, Leftovers, Stewed Tiger Meat, Poached Pincers, Boiled Egg, Steak and Potatoes, Smoked Salmon, Mushroom Stew, Roast Pork Chop, and Roasted Snow Demon’s Claw.


Intel Pentium IV 1.3 GB that supports MMX
At least 384 MB of RAM
32MB graphics card that supports DX6
4.0 GB of hard drive space

In the world of Altis Gates, there is even a balance among the four normally occurring elements of Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water. Water in turn counters Fire, and Fire counters Wind, Earth counters Water and Wind counters Earth in the cycle of relationships between mentioned elements. For example, using a water element strike on a fire-type mob will cause much more devastating might than usually in other free online strategy games.


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