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Age of Conan free to play!

Age of Conan: Unchained, varies from most MMORPG titles and is a concentrating on storyline for real, additionally it has stunning graphics and a fantasy MMORPG with a never seen anywhere before real-time combat system. It’s really not easy to find another game with such fantastic atmosphere, audio-visuals like in universe of Conan. Moreover, this title is available to everyone without fee, so you are not required to pay any cash in order to enjoy the game.

But game also has different F2P system and game is more limited for not-premium members – while downloading game and making your account, you just need to remember that Age of Conan: Unchained is not like rest of F2P MMO, so don’t expect that you will have full-premium access to whole content. Free-to-play members of Age of Conan get a small pick of four available character classes and possibility to create max two characters. Besides you find instances, spaces in your bank, adventure places, raiding possibilities and mount training limited. Free players may access the beginning of raids and the raid equipment ladder, but they are not able to complete tier 1 without purchasing to Premium access or getting entry to more available in full game raids. You will not complain on navigation system included into the game. An annotated minimap in the top corner of the screen presents where you are and where your tracked tasks are leading you. A larger version of the minimap can be shown with a single click or button press, granting you with much interesting perspective of your present situation.

As I said before, what makes Age of Conan totally unique is fighting system. In order to not lose your life you need to take active role during the battle. There is no pressing auto-attack button – in order to win the every battle, you have to thrust, chop, and swing using your sword. Besides attacking, this system grants you with opportunity to control your defense rather than relying just on your statistics, adjusting your defenses as your enemies strike you, lending an element of your abilities to every encounter. Additionally, proper using of available combos rewards you with possibility of dealing just serious damage. Depending on used death dealing device, your character may make a fatal blow on some enemy – like simply chop his head off. Well, game is pretty gory (severing of limbs and decapitations), features bare-breasted women running everywhere and numerous of players will happily agree that it’s just extremely exciting.

All-in-all if you have never had any contact with Age of Conan earlier, this is just best possible time to play in it out and check out for yourself if it’s something you really would like to play or not – it’s f2p after all. If you ask me, I have other titles I’d rather play for now, like Deus Ex, which is just marvelous single-player game. Anyway, since AoC becoming Unchained not that long time ago, Hyboria was a witness of coming of totally new 300,000 players, with server activity becoming 4x bigger, even and Funcome is started to get more money from AoC, like two times more. Not forget that while having fun in AoC you will discover additional depth to the game which is unbelievable, including some of the most amazing visuals on MMO market, incredible music and sound FX ever seen.


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