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Population seem…

Population seems to be quite stable so Age of Conan rises and it could be one of most successful come back if we are talking to mmorpgs. As a fan I’m waiting now for numerous updates, more dungeons and endgame content. Maybe Funcom will raise experience cap which should be very good! As a player I’m looking also for more benefit if I’m older gamer (I’m playing right from the start!).

According to Funcom they “new business model will give gamers the opportunity to pick whether they want to play for free or become premium subscribers, and Funcom is also introducing an in-game store to the game where both free and premium gamers can purchase exclusive content such as weaponry.”

I was truly an amazing year for Age of Conan: Hyboria adventures, mostly because developers turned it into free, leaving subscription based model. According to news from IGN; since July Age of Conan has tried 600 000 for gamers who are willing to play in this spectacular mmorpg  – so player base had grown by 300 000 new gamers with doubled monthly revenue which is spectacular news.

Even if on the one had Age of Conan free mmorpg is more of a trial than freemium game, I guess Funcom should work more to turn model into similar game like Turbine and Lord of the Rings Online: Shadow of Angmar, where we can play in truly free game with some premium options. Turbine has a lot more experience in free to play model, since they turn into free to play Dungeon and Dragons Online (amazing success if we are talking about mmorpg). I’m familiar with both, splendid games and I guess these games are worth to play, especially if you are looking for PvP extensive game. So Funcom need to work more on model presented by Age of Conan so both are keeping balance and have a lot to offer for free subscribers.

I wish that Funcom will add more high quality content in the future, to get more gamers; more items and it hopefully keep more balance to the game when they change free to play and premium model. As an Age of Conan fan and someone who enjoy all kind of online role playing games. A future shines very nice for Age of Conan, they did fantastic thing.


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