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In this MMo

According to official news, in Age of Conan – Funcom will present – new and completely revolutionary combat system, called Real Combat. They are very excited to work on this project bla bla bla…anyway this combat will be like on good old arcade game or fighting games, where you can use “combo” moves. I don’t know much now about this Real Combat system, but I think it will be something like that – to beat your opponent down, you need to hit special combination of attacks. What is cool, we will be able to use FATALITIES to finish off our opponents!

Just like in Mortal Kombat – legendary fighting game ;-). I love Mortal Kombat, but I know that these Age of Conan fatalities will be different – you know with sword or something like that. Anyway in this interesting combat system, when you play an archer and you are firing and arrow at someone – first thing you need to do is to string bow, zoom on target and then release the Arrow…

Well, I don’t know how spells and magic part of Age of Conan will look like but I hope it will be something revolutionary, cool etc. Wait..oh now I found…If you are magician, you are using spells combination. When you are using them, you may release great magic force and destruction! Fantastic!

You can fight riding on horse and this is also very nice. When you are riding horse or elefant , you can also fight while riding mount. This will be completely new thing in MMO RPG genre.

See you again!


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