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Age of Conan reviews

Premiere of Age of Conan had been great event in online game industry. I’ve found some interesting information about AoC on Wikipedia. So let’s see reviews…

Publication Score

Edge             7/10

G4                 4/5

GameSpot         8.5/10

GameZone         9.4/10

GameSpy         4/5

Game Informer     8/10

Game is also quite big commercial success – it had been sold over 500,000 copies worldwide!

Only in June 1 2008 and six days later one million copies had been shipped in total, which is really very good ;-)

Our Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures premiere was delayed few times, Funcom delayed AoC on January 21,
2008 and again on March 24, 2008 because of bugs.

game is still unfinished with large number of bugs and errors (Funcom still working very hard to fix them).


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